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Camp Hoot (K–4th Grade)

kids at Camp Hoot

At Little Blessings our summer program is designed to be an exciting, fun-filled experience for your child where learning and playing are our goals. We believe that summer is the time for kids to be kids, and not only a time to work their brain, but also their muscles. We take the opportunity to utilize the summer days by filling them with fun physical activities which allow the children to enjoy their summer.

Summer Program Features for Kindergarten and School Aged Children

  • Camp Hoot: a themed summer program that produces a summer camp atmosphere making days full of fun, activity, and learning
  • Kingdom Kids
  • Bike and park days
  • Local and out-of-town field trips
  • Daily activities such as crafts, games, and exploration
  • Weekly visits to the Watertown Regional Library
  • Weekly visits to the Watertown Family Aquatic Center
  • SD Game, Fish & Parks program with a SD Naturalist