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toddlers helping each other

At Little Blessings we recognize that children at this age may be at very different stages of development. Our teachers will create fun and rewarding activities that meet each child’s developmental needs. They will give your toddler the confidence to explore their world and emerging friendships.

Program Features

  • Introduction to the stories of the Bible
  • Balanced attention to nurturing, playtime, and learning
  • Development of children’s confidence, self-esteem, and love of learning
  • Gaining independence and seeing oneself as able and creative
  • Beginnings of social interaction with other children to include parallel and cooperative play
  • Weekly thematic units that provide a variety of daily activities and experiences
  • Daily communication between parents and teachers to keep you informed about your child’s day
  • Learning activities that focus on dramatic play, creative arts, language, and sensory exploration
  • Identifying objects, shapes, colors, and sounds
  • Fine motor skills such as coloring, lacing, and stacking
  • A daily log provided to parents with your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, toilet training updates, and learning activities